Terms and conditions

Article 1:

Collectione: With Collectione we consider the firm Medra b.v. established in Hillegom Satellietbaan 5, 2182 MG in these terms. At this address belonging postal code 5, 2181 MG and is registered in de Kamer van Koophandel located in Amsterdam under the number 34327162. BTW-number of the above mentioned firm is: NL820441053B01 our bank account number: NL32INGB0008377334. Medra b.v. will be called Collectione for the rest in the terms and conditions. Buyer: the person who agrees with Collectione and represents him or herself or their company. As a buyer Collectione considers a potential/future customer or an already existing customer.

Article 2:

These terms and conditions are part of all of the by Collectione concluded agreements and are related to all special offers done by Collectione.The applicability of the buyer's terms and conditions is explicitly excluded by Collectione. The remaining regulations of Collectione will stay operative In case of nullity of one of more regulations of these terms and conditions. Collectione has always the right to adjust and add things to the terms and conditions.

Article 3:

All special offers of Collectione are without any obligations and are valid for the with the offer mentioned term. If there is a lack of such a term it is the intention that there is only one single transaction without having the right for an special offer price on a later moment or with a following order, unless mentioned different by Collectione. The contend of these special offers and of other products of Collectione are put together with a great deal of care and contains always the description that is assigned for that product. However it is possible that there is false information placed by these products this may be due to a typing mistake or by wrong programming in this case Collectione has the right to correct this before delivering the goods for the wrong price or with the wrong product description.

Article 4:

The buyer agrees with agreements of Collectione on the moment that the buyer accepts the offer made by Collectione and that the buyer fits to the by Collectione required conditions. If the buyer accepts the offer of Collectione via electronic ways for example via the order process of the website of Collectione, Collectione confirms your accepting of the offer immediately via electronic way. As long as the accepting of the offer is not done by electronic way and Confirmed to the buyer by Collectione has the buyer the right to dissolve the agreement. When a confirmation of the acceptance of the offer is not in time max 5 days after this period Collectione has the right to cancel the buyers order, unless Collectione reports within this term that there will be no agreement. The buyer makes shore that he or she gives all data that Collectione needs so that Collectione can guarantee a good and smoothly process of your order. Buyer guarantees that the data is correct. Buyer indemnifies Collectione for every claim in regard to the data provided by the buyer. If the buyer filled in any data incorrectly in any manner whatsoever to Collectione, Collectione is able to stop the agreement with the buyer. Then all open orders can may be declared as no longer valid and if the buyer has payed before delivery of her or his products by Collectione, Collectione will pay this amount back to the buyer. As soon as the goods or service to deliver to the address of delivery that the buyer gave up is delivered the risk will be for the buyer. If the planned date of delivery will be exceeded Collectione will directly make RETURN
Items must be checked by you immediately upon arrival. When articles arrive on a pallet or per package already damaged visible from outside, we ask you to report this immediately on the consignment note that is delivered, or the packing slip and inform Collectione within 24 hours. You will then receive a confirmation from Collectione.
If you have not reported any complaints within 5 days after receipt of the goods, Collectione will assume that the goods have been delivered by us in good order and received by you. Any right to compensation after this period has therefore become void.
With regard to natural imperfections, no claims can be made if these inadequacies are related to the nature and properties of the raw material from which the product is manufactured. Think, for example, of a cushion of animal fur, wood accents in articles etc.
A return shipment always takes place in a manner discussed by Collectione and never at its own initiative and must be notified in advance by email to Collectione via info@collectione.com.
Please enclose the reason for return, number of items and a copy of the invoice at the time of registration. Your request will be answered by us within 24 hours.
Products with a lack or defect that are delivered via outlet or sale channels will not be restored or replaced by Collectione. So Collectione does not give you any exchange guarantees on products that are from the outlet or sale.

Collectione will always try to provide you with the best possible service and to resolve justified complaints with you in consultation.
Contact with the buyer to plan a new date of delivery.

Article 5:

All by Collectione shown prices are not tax included. Shipping costs from Collectione to the buyer are for the buyer to pay unless agreed differently with Collectione. Collectione has always the right to change the prices before the agreement between buyer and Collectione. Buyer needs to measure up to the taxpayment obligation between buyer and Collectione on the agreed manner. Some payment methods require payment before receiving your product or service while other methods of payment require to be paid after receiving your product like cash payment or payment by pin on the head office in Hillegom or on a different method of payment that will always be thought up by Collectione and can never be thought up by the buyer. If the buyer does not comply to the payment requirements the buyer is in omission and the buyer has to pay extra for the delay per month or part of a month. All costs for debt collection are always for the buyer. These costs will be calculated According to extrajudicial collection costs. Buyer is the extrajudicial only indebted after 14 days that Collectione send an reminder written or via electronic way. If the deliverers of Collectione are not able to deliver the ordered products for what reason what so ever or if the products are delivered not properly because of things like weather, fire, striking, war etcetera and also in other cases of force majeure where you can’t blame Collectione for. this applies in respect of the buyer for Collectione as a force majeure from the final delivery date. The obligations of the buyer when Collectione relies on, also suspended. If the force majeure situation has taken longer than one month after the final date of delivery the buyer has the right to dissolve the agreement with Collectione. Collectione sticks to the property right of delivered goods until all occasions and amounts are paid to Collectione.

Article 6:

Buyer is advised to check all delivered goods right away after receiving. The buyer has to contact Collectione (written or by phone) within 5 days if there are any lacks, defects or damage to the delivered goods. All complaints after this term will not be treated as such. Products with a lack or defect that are delivered via outlet or sale channels will not be restored or replaced by Collectione. So Collectione does not give you any exchange guarantees on products that are from the outlet or sale.

Buyer shall be deemed to be in fails in case he or she does not, not properly or not timely comply with any obligation under the agreement, as well as if the purchaser is declared bankrupt, the debt restructuring towards buyer is pronounced, There is total or partial seizure of the assets of copper is laid or if the buyer dies.
In the above cases, Collectione the right the agreement or the not yet executed part thereof without setting to terminate or suspend outside of court. Collectione in cases mentioned above is also entitled to return the goods delivered by Collectione buyer to compensate for the caused notice of default by means of previously delivered goods still present at copper. Collectione will personal data of buyer carefully – in accordance with the provisions in the personal data protection act. The transfer of sensitive data, such as bank and pay or credit card details are encrypted. On all agreements concluded under these conditions is Dutch law is applicable.
All disputes between Collectione and copper, in respect of which jurisdiction is allowed, at first instance will only be submitted to the Court in Amsterdam.

Article 7:

Buyer can if there are any complaints about the service of Collectione make contact with Collectione via the under mentioned data. This needs to be reported within 5 days after the origin of the complaint.
Collectione will contact the buyer within 5 workdays after receiving the complaint. If the buyer would like to receive more information about the terms and conditions and about any occasions that are not clear for the buyer then the buyer needs to contact Collectione before his or her order. The buyer can contact us via the lower mentioned contact data. Contact data: Medra b.v. (Collectione Luxury Lifestyle) Showroom / cash & carry Floralaan 15 5928 RD Venlo Tel: +31 (0) 77 396 777 3 Email: venlo@collectione.nl Central warehouse Satellietbaan 5 2181 MG Hillegom Nederland Tel: +31 (0) 252 349 163 Email: info@collectione.com